Warsaw Communism Tour - Crazy Stag Weekend in Poland
Crazy Stag Warsaw - COMMUNISM TOUR


in Warsaw

£ 58 per person

  • Journey back in time
  • Polish Nysa 522 vans
  • Communist time-warp real apartment
  • Polish vodka & pickles
  • Min. 6 people
  • Smaller groups - price will be recalculated
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Communist Polish Nysa 522 van transport
  • Crazy Guides - funky drivers
  • Communist time-warp real apartment
  • Polish vodka & pickles
  • £ 58   69   320 PLN  per person




Vintage vans sometimes break and it"s part of your adventure. In such cases we continue the tour in another Commie car or a taxi.

If you want to find out what gift we got from “Uncle” Stalin, trust Crazy Stag to take you on a trip back in time to Warsaw’s Communist past. Poland was behind the Iron Curtain for 50 years and you’ll get a real flavour of “The Good Ol’ Days” when we pick you up in genuine communist Polish Nysa 522 vans and take you on a journey back in time to understand the reality of the communist regime. You will have a chance to watch some propaganda films while enjoying a traditional drink and snack and of course vodka-tasting...

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