Budapest Stag Do - Crazy Stag Activities in Hungary
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  • 2 hot local birds
  • Lads can watch the show
  • Maids come to any hotel

Stag Weekend in Budapest? Why not! Budapest is one of the hottest spots for stag dos in Europe. Discover the famous ruin bars and try the local poison 'plinka'. At Crazy Stag Budapest we've sorted some of the coolest activities in the city. Raise your glasses at the amazing architecture while on a strip ship cruising down the Danube, book some AK shooting, or get super creative and handcuff your stag to a dwarf. Cure your hangover the next day with a hot spa or some more crazy activities for the lads.

Why choose a Budapest Stag do?

An all time classic destination for your stag do. Famous for its microbreweries, ruin bars and bath parties, Budapest has all the ingredients for an awesome time. The strippers are all hot and the shows are full contact so no sitting on your hands for you or your mates! All this makes Budapest one big playground for the serious party seeker. But more than just that, the city is packed with amazing sights and historic buildings, so chances are you will be back after all is said and done.

How to get to Budapest?

Most cities in the UK have direct low cost flight to Budapest Airport. Wizzair and Ryanair have more than 1 flight a day so its easy to find flights. Whilst the prices can be a little bit more expensive to get to Budapest than other popular destination, the cost of beer, food, activities works out cheaper in the long run. Once you get to Budapest we are happy to take care of your airport transfer via ,private buses packed with strippers or in a monster limo. Choice is yours.

The Adrenaline Rush

After the first night of making yourselves familiar with the local fauna comes the time to let your hair down and jump into crazy activities. Shooting AK 47s like a madman or crushing cars with a tank has almost become a tradition on the second day, as well as driving go-karts or taking part in a full commando training! So if you are looking for some crazy activities, Budapest is your place!

The Party

Well we’re not gonna lie, you will find fancier clubs in the UK than here. But what you don’t have is where our expertise comes in handy. Hidden ruin bars fuel the nightlife here where locals and tourists hang out, but these places are usually hard to find, so we are happy to help you to discover these hidden gems. Finish of your bar crawl with a VIP Strip club entrance where the stag gets a special show on stage where you better have your belts ready. Or jump the queue and show your dance moves in a hot ruin dance club. Prank the stag the next morning with the sexy maids show and hit him when he is most vulnerable!

The Hangover

Now, Hungarians are all raging alcoholics so if there is one thing we have perfected over the years is how to battle hangover. Kiss your headache goodbye with our day at the spa activity where you visit one of the historical royal bath houses and chill in hot water, sip on cold drinks and watch hot babes until you say you’re ready to go again!


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