Strip Hummer Daddy Budapest - Crazy Stag Do in Hungary
Crazy Stag Budapest - HUMMER DADDY & STRIPPER


in Budapest

£ 39 per person

  • Luxury airport transfer
  • LCD screens, strip pole, open roof
  • Up to 30 people
  • 3 hot strippers on board
  • Min. 23 - max. 30 people
  • Smaller groups - price will be recalculated
  • Duration: Hummer Daddy limo rental for 1 hour
  • Luggage taxi included
  • Licensed driver
  • Female guide to meet you at the airport
  • 3 bottles of bubbly
  • 3 hot strippers
  • £ 39   46   215 PLN  per person




No photography allowed, unless permission is granted by the stripper.


If your group won't fit into a few taxis or our limo, look no further. Our Strip Hummer Daddy airport transfer might just be what you need. 14 meters of awesomeness is ready to pick you up from Budapest airport and roll you into your hotel with style. A handful of strippers are on board to entertain the guys along the way! Pour the bubbly and let the madness begin!

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