Krakow Dog Chase - Crazy Stag Weekend in Poland
Crazy Stag Krakow - DOG CHASE
Krakow - DOG CHASE
Krakow - DOG CHASE


in Krakow


  • Test Stag's manhood
  • Escape in clunky protective uniform
  • Professional instructor
  • Trained attack dog
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Crazy Guide
  • Professional instructor
  • Protective clothing
  • Trained attack dog




Looking to get the stag a nice present before he gets hitched? How about a wild dog chase! If your stag talks the talk, now’s the perfect chance to test his manhood in an adrenaline race against a barking mad German Shepherd attack dog. We’ll take your group out to a deserted Polish wasteland and then watch in safety as your best mate attempts to escape this snarling rabid beast dressed in a clunky protective uniform. Great fun! You’ll need a towel to wipe down his sweat, and possibly a nappy.

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