Krakow Zorbing - Crazy Stag Weekend in Poland
Crazy Stag Krakow - ZORBING
Krakow - ZORBING
Krakow - ZORBING


in Krakow

£ 40 per person

  • Stick yourself in a giant ball
  • Roll downhill
  • Return transport & venue reservation
  • 2 slides/person
  • Min. 10 people
  • Smaller groups - price will be recalculated
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Return transport
  • Crazy Guide
  • Exclusive venue reservation
  • Professional instructors
  • 2 slides/person (2 people in the ball) on 60m long hill
  • £ 40   47   200 PLN  per person
  • Option to arrange sexy stripper show
    £ 99   116   500 PLN   per group




Max. 80kg weight limit.

The zany sport of zorbing was born in New Zealand, and if you haven’t heard of it this is what happens: you get strapped inside a giant spongy plastic transparent ball, made of damage-proof material, and then rolled down a huge hill… you’ll go slowly at first, and then faster and faster until you’re nearly sick from the speeding and bouncing (you'll love it!). This being Crazy Stag, our track ends up in a lake with two huge slides! In fact Polish people used to do similar activities with barrels, so you can take pride that you’re continuing a great cultural tradition.

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