Krakow Parachute Jump - Crazy Stag Weekend in Poland
Crazy Stag Krakow - PARACHUTE JUMP


in Krakow

£ 178 per person

  • Feel like a bird
  • Adrenaline rush of your life
  • Sport plane flight into the sky
  • Tandem jump
  • Min. 6 people
  • Smaller groups - price will be recalculated
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Return transport
  • Crazy Guide
  • Professional instructors
  • Sport plane flight
  • Tandem jump
  • £ 178   209   900 PLN  per person
  • Option to arrange sexy stripper show
    £ 99   116   500 PLN   per group




    Maximum weight of participant is 110kg.

    Instructor has the right to refuse participation in the event that your condition indicates insobriety.

    Info on participant"s health condition is needed (heart problems, epilepsy etc.).

    Precise date and time of the event depends on weather conditions. If the weather is not suitable for this activity, we offer an alternative date or return 50% value of the deposit payment.

      If you’re brave enough you can feel like a bird. A bird that has just been shot and is hurtling towards the ground at terminal velocity. Opt for parachute jumping in Krakow and Crazy Stag will fly you 4000 meters above sea level, strap you to professional instructor and push you out of the plane for the adrenaline rush of your life. After the white knuckle thrill of free fall, comes the dreamy sensation of floating back down to earth – provided your parachute opens of course. Most of the time they do :)

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